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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 22, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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immediately called for help. police say two berkeley high students were inside this bathroom. they said one student was showing a semi automatic gun to another student when the gun went off. you can see where the bullet went from one side to the other side. school officials say it appear it is boys were just playing with the gun and the gun accidentally went off. there was no fight going on. >> you know to complicate matters we had a power outage at about 11:00. >> reporter: after that, a call came through that said another student had a gun. this is the fourth gun found on this campus this year and police say it's not that uncommon. >> this may be uncomfortable for some of the viewers to
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hear, but we're quite certain there are weapons in schools every day that we're not aware of. >> reporter: school administrators emphasize students should feel safe at berkeley high and this student says he does. >> i feel safe at my school. i don't feel like i'm in danger of getting shot. it's a little concerning that there's kid playing with guns in the bathroom -- that there's kids playing with guns in the bathroom. >> reporter: all three students who were found with guns are in berkeley police custody. the principal told us he has to recommend them to be expelled. live in berkeley, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. a highway patrol officer was injured today when his patrol car crashed into a hayward home during a pursuit. check this out, investigators say the suspect rammed his dodge sedan into a car sending it crashing into the porch of college park drive and mahogany street. the officer says the suspect was driving more than 100-miles-
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an-hour and refused to pull over. he was finally caught after the crash and a short man hunt. >> the suspect did flee the scene on foot and was shortly apprehended by police. at this point i don't believe the suspect did sustain any injury. the officer and the patrol car that crashed suffered a minor head injury. no one inside the house was hurt. they came face to face then one was locked up. barry bonds looked on as his former trainer was sent behind bars for refusing to testify. david stevenson is live in san francisco where his trial is about to begin. >> reporter: federal prosecutors and barry bonds defense team today faced off over charges that the former
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player lied to court. u.s. attorney matt parrela told jurors the defendant was given immunity and all he had to do was the tell the truth. he couldn't do it. and testimony will show that he planned not to do it. but defense attorney allen ruby told the jury that bonds didn't lie. and gave information that led to evidence from balco labs. bonds former trainer has consistently refused to testify that he gave bonds steroids shots. >> i think this is the theater of the absurd. >> reporter: the first witness, former irs witness trovisky showed the jury evidence that would eventually lead to greg anderson and bonds' grand jury testimony in 2003. >> we said all along that we
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were looking forward to and welcoming the chance to the test the accusations in court. >> reporter: now prosecutors say they'll call bell and foster to testify that they saw him using illegal steroids. defense attorney say bell betrayed bonds to sell a book and that hopkins forged bonds signature on memorabilia to make money. -- she sited the decision in rod blagojevich corruption trial in which the judge in that case shielded jurors names because of fears of media exposure. critics say the trial should be as open and public as possible. now we have continuing coverage of the barry bonds trial on our website. there you will find information on the history of this case as well as pictures of bonds over the years and grand jury
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testimony. just go to the home page and click on the barry bonds trial tab. it's all at we are on storm watch tonight. and there are new concerns at the scene of that giant rock slide at the santa cruz mountains. more of the mountainside near scotts valley started crumbling away today. robert handa is at the scene where more than two dozen homes are still cut off by that slide, robert. >> reporter: well ken, we're on nelson road where last night on our 10:00 news we first showed you the slide. earlier today on our newscast we were standing by the landslide again but now the sheriff's department asked us to move back down the road in case more rocks come down and energy crews need to conduct rescues. >> many homeowners in the nelson road neighborhood cut off by the landslide got their first good look in daylight at the wall of rock and mud and didn't like what they saw and means for their day-to-day life. >> the pile of rocks is
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intimidating. it goes back further in which our word could be in jeopardy. and there might be no power. >> reporter: geologists inspected the landslide captured last night on a phone camera. the geologist is still overlooking the situation. residents don't plan to return any time soon. >> we have a 3 -month-old baby at home, we figured no access for emergency vehicles and having to walk out about a half a mile through mud and trees, and brush we figured it was best just to go stay with my sister for a while. >> reporter: it is a dramatic sight but some homeowners reminded us this isn't their first slide. this is the santa cruz mountains afterall. and this is the scene a couple of years ago of a major fire. >> to put it in perspective, no
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people were injured, no houses were damaged. >> reporter: at this hour people here are meeting with emergency officials to get an update on the situation. engineers say it could take weeks to clear out the rubble safely. the main concern is what might happen during the next series of storms. live in the santa cruz mountains, robert handa. from robert handa let's go off to chief meteorologist bill martin. >> i will put it in motion and you can see how it's been building up over the last couple of hours in the last frame certainly you can see these yellows and greens pop up. this is the heavier rain that's going to roll in here in the last hour or so. we're looking at the afternoon commute as of now to get a
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little bit wetter. then as we move on we have more to talk about. the morning commutes are in danger of being wet. thank you, bill. a missing bay area steer was found dead today at the sugar bowl steer resort. he was reported missing last night after he failed to return home. the placer county sheriff's department said there was no obvious signs of problems. the exact cause will not be known until an autopsy is performed. the national weather service says mother nature is getting ready to deliver a one, two punch of storms for the sierra starting tonight. here is what it looks like right now along the truck scales in truckee. you can see the roads are dry and they've been plowed and traffic is moving well in both directions. there are no chain requirements on interstate 80 or 50. highway50 heading into south lake tahoe. but those conditions can change
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once it starts snowing. yosemite park officials say they have no idea when that park will reopen. the parks website says weekend storms dumped 3.5 feet of snow on the park knocking out power and forcing the closure of all of the roads in and out of the park. in addition to snow there's ice and downed power lines. we have continuing storm watch coverage on this newscast and on our websites where you can watch live radar of weather pattern where you live. you can find it all on ktv u .com. a huge power outage left thousands of customers without electricity and disrupted b.a.r.t. service. the power went out to 27,000 homes and business. most of those affected were in downtown berkeley. during the outage, bart trains did not stop at the berkeley and north berkeley stations and the richmond line trains were delayed. all power and bart service was restored within three hours.
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we're learning late today that governor jerry brown is considered a november ballot initiative to try to extend tax increases. the sacramento bureau report says if brown does not convince lawmakers to put the tax increase on the june ballot he will not quit but instead will go for a november ballot initiative. in time the proposed state cuts could take a chunk out of csu enrollment. california state university plans to reduce enrollment by more than 10,000 students. it's more of a plan outlined today by the csu board of trustees to address a $500 million cut proposed in governor jerry brown's budget plan. investors pull back on wall street today. >> after three days of rallying, the dow jones finished down for the day. analysts say worries about japan, libya and the cost of oil are causing concern. here are today's closing numbers, the dow fell 17 points
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to close at 12,018. the nasdaq fell eight points to close at 1723. the allies bombarded libyan defense centers rebels pushed back against government forces. today fires continue in the skies of tripoli. in moscow, america's secretary of defense called those claims outright lies. >> the vast majority if not nearly all civilian casualties have been infected by gadhafi. most of our targets virtually all of our targets are isolated, nonpopulated areas. >> the allies suffered their first big loss today when a fighter jet crashed in libya. the two crew members were ejected safely and were rescued
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by a team of american militants and taken to safety. the f15 that crashed had a $28 million price tag and the allies -- $15 million each. today at a news conference in el salvador says he will cut his latin american trip short by a few hours and head home tomorrow. -- late today gadhafi spoke on libyan state television, mocking the allied attacks. gadhafi spoke from his compound in tripoli telling a crowd of supporters saying libyans are laughing at these rockets. he also called the coalition a group of fascists.
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we are at travis air force base, the destination as you will see for some very tired passengers fleeing japan. and we've got rain to talk about. some more rain headed your way. don't put the umbrellas away and get ready for some wet commutes. i'll seat you back here. -- i'll see you back here.
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>> now for the late latest on the crisis in japan. the fda says foods will be detained here in the u.s. and will not be sold. originally the fda said it would only screen those foods. in japan tonight officials are closer to containing the nuclear crisis after a big breakthrough in repairs to the damaged power plant. today crews reconnected power to all six reactor units which will allow workers to turn on the plants cooling systems.
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but the facilities operators say, workers must first check all of the facilities for damage. japanese officials also continue to conduct radiation tests on people living near the nuclear power plants. almost 400,000 survivors of the quake and tsunami are homeless and living in shelters. today the japanese government raised the death toll to more than 9,000 with 12,000 people still missing. senator barbara boxer said today she's learned california's two nuclear power plants are the only ones in the nation built in the highest seismic hazard areas. the nrc made that assessment based on the potential for large magnitude earthquakes. the biggest plants are the diablo plant and san clemente. the nrc will an analyze the riskover those plants. they responded by saying,
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although many safety measures have been taken to address -- ktvu's ken pritchett live where travelers had a number of concerns on their mind. >> reporter: the state department made these free flights available for certain people who wanted to leave japan. and i talked to a spokesman here at travis base. she says this is the only, the first and only stop for these flights. on a commercial plane chartered by the u.s. government, at an unusual location travis air force base. 250 people mostly women and children stepped on u.s. soil after a heroing 11 days in japan. >> i was more concerned about the radiation in the cockpit. >> reporter: that was the
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concern among the people we spoke to. she says the quake was scary, the unknowns about radiation from the damaged nuclear plants was worse. >> the wind and how the plume was coming, it might have come actually today, there was a chance of it coming over our base. >> reporter: maureen is a teacher, her school on base dropped from 1,200 to just 100 students. radiation fears expressed by her pupils. >> it was something that was on their mind all the time. they wanted to write about it. they wanted to talk about it. they were scared. >> reporter: the passengers on this plane have some connection to the department of defense, either military or civilian. more than 100 travis service members volunteer to help carry their luggage and their children and also to welcome them home. >> these people are just ready to get back home. they're tires and they just need somebody to help them. >> reporter: some of the passengers live here in the bay area, others are shuttled off to near by airports to fly back
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home. many heading back east. travis expects two flights a day, just like the one we saw today for the next week. about 600 passengers every day. in fairfield, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a group of young people on a church outing got more than they bargained for in last weekend's storm. about 100 people from a christian youth group were stranded. they woke up sunday morning to find out they were snowed in. >> we went outside, there was 4 feet of snow. we couldn't get the bus out. we had all the kids shoveling the snow. we tried to get them going and they couldn't go. >> reporter: the group walked out 2 miles, they were picked up by buses and finally made it home to lancaster. if you're going out to grapevine and we got some snow coming into the sierra as well.
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>> it's been a buffer year for snow in the sierra. we have cig any significant snow coming. you can see the darker greens representing the moderate rainfall. mostly what we're seeing is light drizzle. light showers over here toward oakland and san leandro. you can see the darker bands moving on shore. overnight is going to be wet. tell you what the morning commute is going to be a wet one. the next couple of mornings are going to be nasty morning commutes. there's the system teeing offshore. you see it sweeps in and gets that curvature to it. that's intensifying as the system gets closer to us. we have another system that's going to follow on the heels of this one as we head into wednesday night, thursday. in response to this, the national weather service has a watch up basically for the entire bay area.
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what that means the ground is saturated. if we get an inch and half of rain we're going to have flowing into the streets. urban and small street flooding. it's not river flooding. it's not horribly dangerous but it can be a major distraction or inconvenience on your way to work as you travel around. a winter storm warning will go into effect, 2.5 feet of new snow. today at 4:00 that's the heaviest rain when we go through. 10:00 tonight we're going to have a pretty strong rain band. when we come back i have to roll this computer model into tomorrow and friday. commutes already impacted, i'll be back here with all the specifics. >> thank you, bill. thousands of nasa workers marked the shuttle program's 30th anniversary by forming a human shuttle. 2,100 employees at the kennedy space center in florida participated. we have time lapse video of
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that to happen. took more than an hour to form the shape. new information out late this afternoon brings into question the safety of bay area highway over passes. plus, a new exclusive ktvu field poll takes a look at president obama. find out if his popularity is holding up right here in the bay area. we will explain to you why these protesters took off most or all of their clothes right in front of senator dianne feinstein's office today. we take a closer look at the posting that caused a shut down. and is silican valley losing it's spark. we'll look at the latest strategy to keep jobs local. and we have the latest forecast as wet and cold conditions develop around the bay area.
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tonight on ktvu channel two channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage.
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members from the group code pink took their clothes off in front of the office of feinstein. the protesters are demanding that feinstein show support for manning. he's currently waiting to see if he will face a grand marshal. president obama still enjoys the support of most california voters. across the country most national polls show the u.s. public is about evenly split over the president's job performance. but in california, it's a different story. 54% of california voters say they approve of the job the
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president is doing. 37% disapprove. 9% have no opinion. those findings were about the same as in last september's field poll. 49% of all california voters say that will vote to reelect president obama next year. 37% say they will not vote for him. 11% had no opinion. in the third year of mr. clinton's term, 56% of californians and a majority of u.s. voters opposed his reelection. but as we know the mood of the nation changed and mr. clinton was reelected and carried california by 13 points. four new york times journalists who had been held by libya said that they were abused and threatened during their captivity. according to the times, the journalists were tied up. laria says she was groped and beaten and told she was going
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to die. they were released on monday. they're driver tonight is -- their driver tonight is still missing. google has agreed to -- the judge said the settlement was quote no fair and would have allowed google to still profit on books without getting the permission of the publisher. another hearing is set for next month. witnesses testified to what they saw and heard when journalists bailey was shot to death. the leader of the black muslim bakery goes on trial for murder.
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heroing details of exactly what happened when a journalist was shot and killed in broad daylight. tonight the murder trial for bailey's killing is providing more information on the shooting that shocked the community. rob roth now in oakland with more, rob. >> reporter: on the first day of testimony inside the alameda county courthouse, witnesses told the jury what they saw and heard the morning journalists chauncy bailey was gunned down. this man a caretaker at oakland senior day care center said he heard two shots that sounded like fire crackers. when he looked up he said he saw a man just fall to the ground. that man was chauncey bailey. then the man testified that a man holding a gun began to walk away. then fired one last shot at bailey as he jumped in a
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vehicle and drove away. >> it's like opening a can of worm. taking the top off. we're all trying to heal, and we're all trying to get past this moment and it's very difficult to be here in court like that. it takes a lot out of us. >> reporter: devondre busard has already confessed. on trial now is yusef, the leader of the once your black muslim bakery. mackey is the one who drove the get away van. >> as i look at them i cannot believe they are just sitting there so calmly. like nothing happened. >> reporter: the key witness in the case is expected to be brussard who has agreed to testify in exchange for a lighter sentence. he can take the stand as early as thursday. the defense has called brusard a liar. >> we look at him as he was
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just doing what he was told to do. >> reporter: mackey faces possible sentences of life without parol. the trial is expected to last until june. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal judge has ended a long running lawsuit aimed at protecting state prison inmates from being abused by guards. u.s. district court judge felton henderson said he was proud of the work done during the case to make reforms. the lawsuit was brought in 1991 by the berkeley based prison law office and claimed guards at pelican bay state prison beat inmates and put mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement. a correction spokesman said he is confident the reforms will stay in place. a report from a safety traffic agency warns that over overpasses could be in bad shape. most located along the 580.
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on highway 880 we're talking about high street, the welling boulevard and ripple road. over on 580 it's lake shore, park boulevard and grand avenue. more federal money is needed to fix those bridges. after an uneasy wet winter and with more rain on the way there's concern about the integrity of crucial levees. consumer editor tom vacar went out with inspection teams to find out how those levees are holding up and he's in the town of iwonton. john. >> reporter: when you take a look at those houses you will see they're two stories primarily because the garages are under water level. california conservation core crews used this screen, a high grade plastic to cover a crack in this levee just north of
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sacramento. leaving it uncovered would mean disaster to a near by town and roads. >> we don't want to chance that. and that would be a threat at that point. >> reporter: this levee's inspected constantly, when inspectors saw this they knew exactly what they had. a levee that was beginning to fall apart. it's temporary until the rainy season begins. >> covering it like putting a rain protect it. we're going to put some bags tie across it. it should seal this down, and lit the rain run over it like a raincoat. >> levees are performing very well right now. >> the system is performing as designed. the system is designed with a number of veers and by passes to push much of the water so
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it's performing as designed. >> those people are on constant levee patrol. in constant communication with our levee system. we find out about things very quickly. and with a lot more rain still in the pipeline, levee inspectors welcome checking for leaks, cracks and erosions both day and night. reporting from about 10 feet below sea level, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. puts it in perspective. boat owners in marin county scrambled to recover their boats after they broke free this weekend. by daybreak today, owners had already moved nine of about 19 boats set adrift by strong winds and waves. some boats were a total loss. news chopper 2 was overhead as one boat was towed to salsalito to an area that is used to dismantle water crafts. we have updated news on our website. it's all at the potentially dangerous
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fire erupted in the cockpit of the united states flight headed for san francisco last may from new york. though the incident happened almost a year ago. a national transportation safety board report detailing what happened was just released today. it says the pilot saw flames and smoke coming from the cockpit window. they were able to put out the flames and make an emergency landing in washington, d.c. the report says the fire started because united mechanics failed to properly fix the jet's broken window. and the u.s. times tonight is revealing for the first time exactly how it plans to charge you for the articles you read online. plus, we have a picture to show you where you might remember, when uc berkeley students stood on a ledge and we brought it all to you live. today they took their anger to washington, d.c. we'll show you what they did there. and the blackberry is introducing a tablet that will give the i pad a run for its
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money. when and where it'll be available.
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5:39 pm today opened it's new android app store. it's already facing a lawsuit from apple. apple says amazon is confusing and betraying consumers. meantime anxious apple fans continue to go to extremes to try to get the fast selling new
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i pad ii. ktvu cameras are still finding long lines outside of apple. one canadian put his vacation at hold when he started waiting at 2:00 yesterday. >> came down for a holiday, but one of the intentions was to get an i pad before they were released in canada. >> have to be ahead of the pack. some stores give reservations for people online so they can come back later to purchase the i pad. the makers of the popular blackberry smart phone are getting into the tablet computer market as well. the blackberry play book is set to go on sale in the u.s. on april 19th. its starting price is $500. the gadgets will be available through at&t, verizon, radio shack, wal-mart and best buy. the new york times will start charges for internet articles on march 28. the times now says it will
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impose a limit on five articles. you will start paying on article number six. the makers of the lap band weight loss device are firing back at belgium researchers who say the product causing significant problems. they looked at 87 surgeries involving the lap band. almost half the people had the device removed because of complications including infection. the allergen company said the study was highly defected and their product is just fine. and the mega millions is going up to 8 million. now if no one hits tonight's jackpot the projected jackpot amount for friday night's drawing will be a staggering
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$304 million. today students from around the country are spending their spring break in washington. they came to get the attention of congress. i'm carol hann in washington. we'll tell you why that didn't happen coming up. we have rain on storm tracker ( 2. it's going to have a big impact on your commute tomorrow morning. is the silican valley losing it's spark? we look at the latest strategies to keep jobs local. we have continuing storm coverage as cold and wet conditions develop around the bay area. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 complete bay area news coverage.
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state schools chief tom toreckson says things are getting worse for california
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students. numbers released yesterday by department of education show about 30% of california students are in school districts in serious financial trouble attending schools that may not be able to pay their bills. torleckson says more school districts will be in trouble if voters do not extend governor brown's taxes. and the governor's plan to cut 1. $1.4 billion from higher education. today some uc students decided to take their fight on the floor. carol han caught up with them. >> reporter: they've stood on the ledges at uc berkeley, plunged in the snow at penn state. even inflated a giant gorilla in seattle. they are the faces of the financial aid movement. and uc students are helping to lead the fight. >> we are so so angry that we
5:46 pm
are baring the burden of budget cuts. >> reporter: today they headed to capitol hill with an in your face question. where's the funding. the house voted last month to slash it for the pell grant program. every pell student would lose about $850 and about 1.7 million would become ineligible for federal aid. some uc students say it's funding they really need. >> i'm a single mother of three. i greatly depend on that. it's $845 are gone. i have to decide am i going to pay rent, feed my children or am i going to slash my education. >> reporter: the point of this gathering is to -- the senate is not in session this week. >> it is very upsetting. >> no matter what we're here. >> reporter: and determined to be heard, even if it means a
5:47 pm
repeat visit. in washington carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. just how many people are employed because of visitors? a tourism boost is on the way. >> reporter: a landmark law on hold. what a judge wants down before california can cap greenhouse gas emissions. new faces, same old feelings, an exclusive new ktvu field poll about how californians feel about the gop led congress. as president joe biden today visited japanese diplomatic in washington to pay his respects on those who died in the earthquake and tsunami there. he praised the resolve of the japanese people in the face of disaster. >> reporter: the official death toll now stands at more than
5:48 pm
9,000 with more than 12,000 others still missing. the recent earthquakes in japan and new zealand are causing concerns here in california where money earmarked to retrofit schools isn't getting spent. thousands of california schools are built with an old kind of concrete that did not hold up well in february's quake at christchurch. a plan of seismic upgrades to schools is stalled in part because there's no accurate lists to buildings that need help. and the coast guard cleans up the city's main harbor. the port was hit hard. and the inner harbor remains closed but a safety zone has been removed opening much of the harbor to boat traffic. 75 responders, including two dive teams are involved in the clean up. so far they've hauled away some
5:49 pm
1,200 1,200 cubic feet of debris. we have video to show you, crews are lifting a ship. crab season is back in operation. this fisherman happy, unloading one of the first grab boats in the port since that tsunami. the california condor population has increase bid two. the first two california condor chicks of the year were born last week. the other two eggs were in incubators at the park's breeding program. today there are more than 370 california condors in captivity and the wild. and the condors and everybody else probably looking for a dry place to be tonight because here we go again. bill martin in the weather center, bill. >> we continue that way tonight as we go into tomorrow morning's commute. you have a wet one in store for your wednesday morning. thursday morning's commute is going to be nasty as well. here's what we're tracking right now. live storm tracker ( 2, now
5:50 pm
you're starting to see the returns light up. and it shows the rains that will be moving in here in the next few hours. right there that last frame, we have reports of light showers. there's the system gathering itself offshore. and it's followed by another one that gets in here on thursday morning. so definitely an unsettled period in your morning commute specifically tomorrow morning. and thursday morning are going to be wet. and they are going to be slow. we have rain around all that but the morning commutes seem to be the heart of the next two rain events. tomorrow morning and then again thursday morning. overnight lows 44, napa, 45 in vallejo. 49 in fremont. some scattered showers. this weather system tees up. it moves in today. the clouds increase. tonight the showers and as we head into wednesday and thursday, this thing stays put. there'll be wind too. we're going to see strong winds overnight tonight and tomorrow morning: maybe 35 miles per hour. that could cause problems for
5:51 pm
the morning commute. then again on thursday, wind gusts could go as high as 30 miles per hour. these are both pretty potent storms. right on the heels of one another. so that could cause problems, especially in small stream urban areas because there's not a lot of time to dry up after this. in santa rosa, san jose, 12:00 midnight more rain. now the roads are primed, they are wet as we head into your morning. wednesday morning is a wet morning commute. the strongest line going through about 6:00 a.m. and kind of on and off showers wednesday. then look what's coming in here. here comes round two. 7:00 wednesday night, then the next system tees up, thursday morning and thursday there's your morning commute thursday. so we'll watch it for you. it'll be definitely a wet pattern. there's a wet period next 48 hours just know that you're going to need umbrellas and
5:52 pm
it's going to be slow going as you travel around the bay area freeways. daytime highs in the 50s. five day forecast with your weekend always in view, impressive rain. impressive rain here. impressive snow here and it's not done. i was looking at some of the models we could see another 8 feet of snow in tahoe on monday: it's spring here and they've already got a lot of snow. turning now to breaking news. we're just getting word that a moderately strong airport has struck the very area north eastern japan where workers are struggling to bring a leaking nuclear plant. it has received no reports of damage at that complex due to this most recent quake. of course this is a developing story we'll bring you more as
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we get it. president obama is calling on the united nation to act when it comes to gays and lesbians. what he's asking for when we come back. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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the royal wedding is just
5:56 pm
about a month away. this 100 year old coach has been set apart for the occasion. and president obama took the issue of gay rights to the world stage calling for a new united nations resolution to fight discrimination against gays and lesbians. the president signed the repeal of the pentagon's don't ask don't tell policy three months ago opening the door for gays to openly serve in the military. now he's hoping to change global policies on gays. in geneva today, u.s. officials introduced a resolution calling for a ban on criminal punishment for gays, lesbian and transgender people. the president said human rights are the inalienable right no
5:57 pm
matter who they love. homo sexuality is still punishment as a crime in more than 200 countries. and we're live to tell you how a break down on b.a.r.t. has happened twice and how soon it'll be fixed. >> stay with us, the ktvu news at 6:00 is next.
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barry bonds face as jury while his childhood friend goes
5:59 pm
to jail. the mayor developments as opening statements begin in the perjury trial of baseball's home run king. an accidental shooting at a bay area campus. the incident reveals what is going on at bay area schools. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. we're on storm watch as a fresh system of rain is arriving in the bay area right now. bill martin is tracking the storm and he has the latest from our weather center, bill. >> we have live storm tracker 2 showing rain. it's only been in the last hour that we get reports of rainfall. we're right on the latter part of the afternoon commute. but we're starting to see some heavier rainfall out of san francisco's beach. you see heavier showers as


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